About Us

About Us

Meet Dr. Rachel Allgor

Dr. Rachel grew up in Hastings, MN and while she received her doctorate at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ, she knew that Minnesota was still home. 
She has a passion for helping others hear their best because she knows exactly how it feels to miss the punchline of a joke or have to “smile and nod” to get through a conversation because it was simply too noisy. 
There is a lot of emotion surrounding hearing whether it’s through listening to others around you or rocking out to your favorite music, and hearing loss can have a major impact on your ability to connect with the world around you. That’s why Dr. Rachel is so invested in helping others hear their best!

“I understand the importance of wearing hearing aids because I wear one myself every single day. “
-Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel founded Journey Audiology and Hearing Care in 2023.

After gaining more experience while working in private practice, she saw a need that wasn’t being fulfilled. Too many patients struggled to simply get to the office in order to receive care. So she decided to create a different model that catered to the patient, not only the clinician.

A Different Approach

Mobile Audiology – The Minnesota Way

While other mobile practices may have trailers or vans, Dr. Rachel realized that they weren’t going to be practical options for Minnesota weather since it doesn’t remove the issue that it’s hard to walk on ice! So instead, she comes to you with calibrated equipment to test hearing, fit you with hearing aids, clean your devices, and more. 

An Inclusive Practice

We strive to create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone choosing us to provide them with excellent hearing services. We will respect your pronouns, preferred name, and religious beliefs. We commit a portion of our annual continuing education be in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


  • Doctor of Audiology – A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science – Minnesota State University Moorhead

Professional Affiliations

  • American Academy of Audiology – Fellow (2017-present)
  • Minnesota Academy of Audiology – Member (2018-present)

  • Minnesota Academy of Audiology (MAA) Board Positions
    • Member-at-Large (2018-2022)
    • President (2023-present)