Affiliate links to helpful products

Perfect DryLux

My favorite small electronic hearing aid dryer. Has a ~15 min cycle to dry and clean your hearing aids using a fan, a safe level of heat for both standard batteries and rechargeable batteries, and a UV light.

DryBoost UV

Best electronic hearing aid dryer for rechargeable devices. Large enough cover to fit all major manufacturer’s hearing aid chargers and uses a UV light to help keep devices clean (make sure you leave any covers open on the chargers!)


My favorite anti-itch and healing oil to use in ears. Please do not use in any ear that has a perforation.


Earwax removal kit with bulb syringe. Eardrop system that helps break down stubborn earwax. Use as directed.

LectroFan Mirco 2

I’ve researched several different sound machines and this one takes the cake! It’s mini at 2 inches tall and it has 11 different sounds built in (5 fan, 4 colored, and 2 ocean) along with Bluetooth so you can stream your favorite sounds. Best part? You can angle where the sound is directed!